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Since 1995, GUITLA has been a space where love is shared through carved pieces without a sketch, rather than the guidance of hands inspired by God and for Him, together with their Divine message.


“Because dreams come true and mine is to continue bringing, through my religious sculptures, a message of peace, faith and family unity to all. Thank you for the blessing of receiving my works with such affection.” Guitla Ibanez

Guitla.com was created with all Catholic families in the United States and Latin America in mind who are searching for images that represent their love for our Faith. All of this, without the need to leave home and, in turn, without losing the opportunity to virtually access quality works at the best prices.

We have sculptures of Jesus, different Marian devotions approved by the Catholic Church, angels and saints. These images remind us that, in times of uncertainty, we have to hold on to our faith so as not to lose hope. Also, they help us focus on the many blessings that God gives us daily.

We cordially invite you to visit our online store www.Guitla.com — open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In it you will find our variety of religious sculptures at unique prices and with the option of home delivery at a national and regional level.

When I decided to create this space, I did it thinking of every Catholic family in the United States, Latin America and the whole world, who are in search of images that represent their infinite Faith. I want everyone who wishes to have access to my sculptures without having to to leave home and without losing the opportunity to virtually access works made with love.

Through a beautiful and varied catalogue, you will be able to find sculptures of Jesus and different Marian invocations approved by the Catholic Church, as well as angels and saints. Each one of the images will make you remember that no matter how bad the weather is, the uncertainty or the lack of hope you have, you must cling to Faith and focus on continuing by the hand of God, who is the only one capable of traveling any path with us and give you blessings in the midst of storms.

Guitla Ibanez Bronstein